Technological possibilites

Our dynamically developing technology ensures maximum quality

  • Sawing (up to Φ400 mm)
  • Lathe machining (up to Φ1000 x3500 mm)
  • CNC lathe machining (up to Φ400×800 mm)
  • Milling (up to 1000x500x400 mm)
  • CNC milling (up to 800x550x550 mm)
  • External gear cutting with straight-, sloping- and chevronteeth (up to Ø 3000 mm andmodules of M=38)
  • Internal gear cutting (up to 3000 mm)
  • Toothing worm wheels (up to 1000 mm, m=13)
  • Toothing conical gear wheels with straight- and slantwise teeth (up to Φ500 mm, m=10)
  • Toothing conical gear wheels with spiral cogs - Klingelnberg, Oerlikon (up toΦ530 mm, m=7)
  • Toothing conical gear wheels with spiral cogs - Cyklo Palloid (up to Φ150 mm, m=0,2-1,5-ig)
  • Grooving and wedging (up to L=500 mm, b=90)
  • Drilling
  • Machine rounding of cogs
  • Running inconical cogged pairs with spiral cogs and control cogcoupling
  • Sanding axle (up to Φ400 mm L=1000 mm)
  • Sanding holes
  • Sanding of gear cogs (up to Φ500 mm-ig m=10-ig)
  • Tool sharpening
  • Heat treatment - case hardening, tempering, normalizing (up to 1000x500x400 mm)
  • Welding MIG / MAG
  • Testing on digital microscope
  • Digital hardness testing
  • 3D printing
  • And more